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Kitten Natividad, Breast Implants
Mexican American film actress and exotic dancer Kitten Natividad has had at least two breast augmentation procedures done. At age 21, Natividad, born Francesca Isabel Natividad in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, had her first breast implant surgery in Tijuana, where it was legal, in order to move into topless dancing. The silicone used was an industrial variety, which may possibly have led to Natividad's later cancer.

Natividad met Meyer by fellow dancer Shari Eubank, a performer in Meyer's 1975 film Supervixens. Meyer hired Natividad as the narrator of his movie Up!, where she was shown sitting nude in a tree, quoting the poetry of Hilda Doolittle and acting as a Greek chorus to the nonsensical action. Meyer was so impressed he wanted Natividad to star in his next feature, Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens (one of several collaborations between Meyer and film critic Roger Ebert), so he paid for Natividad's second breast enhancement and voice lessons to eliminate her accent. Eventually Natividad left her husband for Meyer during the filming, and they lived together as a couple for most of the following 15 years. Then in October of 1999, Natividad underwent double-mastectomy surgery for treatment of breast cancer. Kitten Natividad's bust size is 44eee-28-39.