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Megan Mullally: Botox?
Megan Mullally is an American actress and comedienne most well-known for her role as the shrill, nasal-voiced Karen Walker on NBC's gay-themed sitcom Will & Grace (1998-2006). Along with Sean Hayes' character of Jack, Mullally's role as Karen Walker quickly became a fan favorite of the show, often outshining the show's eponymously-named lead characters, Will and Grace, played by Eric McCormack and Debra Messing. The role earned Mullally seven Emmy Award nominations for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedic Role and two wins. Mullally subsequently transitioned successfully to the big screen by appearing alongside Susan Sarandon and Natalie Portman in the 2001 film "Anywhere But Here" and alongside Tom Green and Jason Lee in "Stealing Hardvard" (2002). Mullally more recently appeared in the 2013 indie film "The Kings Of Summer."

Mullally is married to fellow actor Nick Offerman.

Megan Mullally: Plastic Surgery

Megan Mullally denies ever undergoing any plastic surgery, however, speculation persists that the funny-lady actress may have used Botox and wrinkle-fighting products such as the ProSonic.

Megan Mullally Denies Going Under The Knife?

Actress Megan Mullally may still be best known as the sarcastic sidekick Karen on the hit television sitcom Will & Grace, full of pills and probably plastic surgery. In real life, Megan has moved on from Karen and despite her appearance, says that she hasn’t gone under the knife as she has grown older. 55-year old Megan Mullally has been involved with several projects since Will & Grace ended, including hosting her own short-lived talk show and guest starring on her husband, actor Nick Offerman’s...

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