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Marie Osmond: Breast Reduction

Marie Osmond is an American actress, singer and member of the show business family, The Osmonds. Marie is best known for hosting the TV variety show Donny & Marie alongside her brother Donny Osmond. Marie has admitted to having had a breast augmentation done. She is also rumored to have had liposuction, a forehead lift and a facelift.

Marie Osmond Admits to Boob Job

Despite insisting over the years that she has never had a plastic surgery operation, Marie recently admitted a decade's-old secret on The Talk: that she has had breast reduction surgery.

Marie revealed that she had the surgery to reduce the size of her E-cup breasts after suffering from back pain and being self-conscious about the unwanted attention she was receiving upon her chest. Marie, however, went on to deny other plastic surgeries she was rumored to have had done including liposuction, a forehead lift and a facelift.

Marie's breast reduction unfortunately took place a long time ago before the advent of many modern medical devices that could have assisted her in recovering from her surgery and in diminishing possible scarring.

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