Helmond, Katherine

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Katherine Helmond, Facelift
Actress Katherine Helmond has had a facelift.

Helmond made her TV debut in 1962 and had to wait another ten years until her breakthrough came in the 1970's. At that time Katherine was busy on TV as well as on stage and earned a Tony nomination for 'The Great God Brown' (1973) on Broadway. Although the actress attended the rigid Bob Jones University, Helmond departed from her conservative roots and became known for her special gift for delivering lines with sexual innuendo. Katherine honed her acting abilities with Alfred Hitchcock in Family Plot (1976) and in numerous TV series, notably in the ABC's cult sitcom "Soap" (1977), for which she had four Emmy nominations and won the Golden Globe. On the big screen Helmond starred in Brazil (1985) as Jonathan Pryce's mother who is addicted to plastic surgery and snooping in her son's messed-up life.