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Linked to New York Governor, Eliot Spitzer, Ashley Dupre is one of America's most notorious call girls. Dupre is suspected of having had a nose job, also known as rhinoplasty as recent photos show a smaller, less bumpier nose with a bridge that is perfectly arched. The round, yet slightly upturned appearance is often a clear indicator of a nose job.

Ashley Dupre, Nose Job, Rhinoplasty

Plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Sai has speculated that Dupre has likely had a breast augmentation. Dupre's full, round breasts are unusually pert for their size and their deep cleavage is often a sign of breast implants.

Eliot Spitzer’s Ashley Dupre Escorts Herself to Plastic Surgeon’s Office

The following article is reprinted from Make Me Heal 's Celebrity Plastic Surgery News. The article, along with photos can be found at the following link: Eliot Spitzer’s Ashley Dupre Escorts Herself to Plastic Surgeon’s Office.

After the Eliot Spitzer scandal broke, many wondered what the escort girl was doing with the large salary she commanded. Now that we know Ashley Dupre is at the center of the controversy, we can see she spent it on plastic surgery.

Ashley Alexandra Dupre, born Ashley Yeomans and known by a wide variety of aliases, has recently hit her stride as the most notorious call girl in America since the Heidi Fleiss scandal broke years back. Before her newly found fame, Make Me Heal believes that the 22-year old invested in plastic surgery, first with a rhinoplasty to remove the bumpy appearance of her rather prominent facial feature. The result is the current version of Ashley’s nose, as it has appeared in stories about her role in the New York Governor’s resignation. Her nose is much smaller now, free of bumps, the bridge is perfectly arched, and has the round, yet slightly upturned appearance classically associated with a nose job.

Ashley’s next plastic surgery was to get a breast augmentation. In the pictures of Ashley in a white bikini onboard a boat, she proudly displays full and round breasts with the deep cleavage commonly associated with breast enhancement. Her breasts appear to be unusually pert for such a large size, another giveaway of having had work done. Although her implants are large, they are not too big for her frame, nor do they seem intended to look fake. Plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Sai agrees with Make Me Heal that they are indeed breast implants and thinks their size to be around a C cup.

Ashley Dupre, Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants

If there’s no such thing as bad publicity, then Ashley will soon be openly admitting not only her role in the Spitzer scandal, but also her plastic surgery procedures.

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