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Alicia Douvall: Facial Implants, Jaw Augmentation, Nose Surgery Implants

Alicia Douvall is a British model and entrepreneur who owns a skincare company. Douvall is a self-admitted plastic surgery addict who has been honest about her various experiences going under the knife. Most prominently, Douvall has spoken at length about facial implants, jaw augmentation and nose surgery implants.

Has Alicia Duvall Removed Facial Implants?

Alicia Douvall has been under the knife hundreds of time and even sought treatment for her plastic surgery addiction. Not all of her cosmetic enhancements have been successful and some have caused serious problems. One such problem was with her facial implants, which Alicia recently removed.

34-year old Alicia Douvall recently stepped out without makeup, giving paparazzi a chance to look at her face in its natural state. Without her obvious jaw augmentation and nose surgery implants, Alicia looked a little softer than she usually does.

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