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Paula Deen: Face Lift, Neck Lift, Arm Lift, Tummy Tuck

Paula Deen is an American celebrity chef and television host most famous for her southern-flavored cooking show Ready, Set, Cook! on the Food Network. Deen owns and operates The Lady & Sons restaurant in Savannah, Georgia with her sons Jamie Deen and Bobby Deen. Deen, who is notorious for her high-fat and oily methods of cooking, met with some controversy when it was revealed that she secretly had Type 2 Diabetes. Deen was subsequently criticized for promoting food with a high fat, sugar, salt and calorie content. Deen further aroused controversy when an ex-employee of one of her restaurants filed a discrimination lawsuit alleging that Deen made several derogatory remarks about African-Americans. Despite apologizing profusely for her racial faux pas, Deen's network television show and several endorsement deals were yanked from her.

Following drastic weight loss, Deen has been rumored to be considering various popular pot-weight loss plastic surgeries such as a facelift, neck lift, arm lift and tummy tuck to help fight the loose, sagging skin left over.

Is Paula Deen In Need Of Going Under The Knife After Plastic Surgery Weight-Loss?

After TV cooking show host Paula Deen revealed she had developed type II Diabetes after years of chugging sweet tea and eating a high-fat diet, she promised her fans that along with her endorsement of a diabetic drug, she would also lose weight. Paula has lost a lot of her excess weight, but now she likely also some excess skin that could be taken care of with plastic surgery.

65-year old Paula Deen has recently proclaimed herself to be healthy and happy. Along with her new body is a new attitude about food and exercise. She likely also has a lot of newly loose skin, which could be taken care of with plastic surgery.

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