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Stacy Dash: Plastic Surgery

Actress Stacy Dash has had a rhinoplasty (nose job).

Is Stacey Dash Clueless About Plastic Surgery?

The following article is reprinted from Make Me Heal's Celebrity Plastic Surgery News. The article, along with photos can be found at the following link: Stacy Dash Plastic Surgery.

After noticing that Stacey Dash still looks as good as she did in her star-making role back in the mid ‘90s, Make Me Heal wondered if Stacey Dash is doing like the other cool kids in La La Land and dabbling in plastic surgery.

Best known for her role as Dionne in 1995’s film Clueless, Stacey Dash looks just as stunning at the age of 43 as she did playing a high school student at a fashion-obsessed Beverly Hills high school. Like one of the of the characters in the film, it seems that Stacey may have a rhinoplasty in her plastic surgery past, leaving her with a small button nose with an unusually shaped tip.

Plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia says, “At some point she had her nose done. It was either done poorly or was a hard one. It is hard to tell.”

Stacey looks like she works hard to maintain her stunning body. Her firm abs and toned arm don’t appear to be result of liposuction treatments, but rather dedication and hard work.

Stacey’s face also looks to be untouched by invasive anti-aging procedures, although she likely gets Botox injections to help with wrinkles around her eyes and in the forehead region.

Dr. Paul S. Nassif, Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at Spalding Drive Cosmetic Surgery said, “Stacey is absolutely beautiful. I think she is extremely natural and hasn’t had any major plastic surgery. She may have had some Botox or lip fillers, but I think that may be it. Cheers to Stacey.”

Plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell J. Aston said, “I think that Ms. Dash looks very good. It is incredible how she has hardly aged since her first movie. It is possible that she may have had some plastic surgery procedures over the years although they are very natural. Her good looks appear to be a combination of genes, diet and exercise and perhaps surgery.”

Oftentimes, the only real symptoms of aging on a woman who takes good care of herself are in the hands. Hands are overused and so signs of age, even if the rest of the body remains in good or great condition, like Stacey. Luckily, fat grafting can help with this area.

Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer says, “Stacey Dash looks great for 43. However, the hands are the sign of aging and she may want to consider fat grafting to her hands to help camouflage her age. She does not look like she had any invasive plastic surgery on her face, but likely has Botox Cosmetic on board.”

While Stacey has done many projects through the years, she still looks Dionne to Make Me Heal, the best-dressed sidekick ever.

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