Curry, Adrianne

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Adrianne Curry, Breast Implants:Before
Adrianne Curry, Breast Implants:After
America's Next Top Model winner Adrianne Curry, who is also going to be on her third installment of VH1's "My Fair Brady, has had a breast augmentation, to balance out her uneven breasts. Curry's procedure was performed by celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan who has also worked with Janice Dickinson. For a long time Curry's left breast was over an inch wider than the right and 20% bigger. Curry's breasts started to sag and the plastic surgery procedure was done to fix this. Dr. Ryan checked them out and decided he had to put implants in both to even them out. After the procedure, however, Curry was in a lot of pain and comments, "There are risks, some peoples bodies reject the implants and it could be very dangerous. You need to educate yourself, you can die from the surgery, you put your life in your doctors hands."
Adrianne Curry, Breast Implants