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Katie Couric, Botox

Katie Couric is an American journalist, news anchor and talk show host most famous for appearing as anchor for The Today Show and Dateline NBC. Couric made history by being the first solo female anchor for a weekday evening news program. Couric is rumored to have had a face lift due to her youthful, radiant face and Botox injections into her forehead due to its shiny appearance.

Is Katie Couric Trying To Boost Her Career With A Face Lift?

Katie Couric: Face Lift, Botox

Have you ever wondered how Katie Couric manages to look so fresh-faced and wide-awake, no matter what time of day she is reporting? Plastic surgery likely plays a role. 56-year old Katie Couric has worked the morning shift and the late shift in her news anchor career. Whether she’s working day or night, she always seems to be bright eyed and bushy tailed, which is likely a testament to her good work ethic and a possible touch of plastic surgery.

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