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Bob Costas: Botched Botox Or Pink Eye?

Bob Costas is an American sportscaster and interviewer that is well known for his encyclopedic memory and for being the main anchor host of Olympic Game coverage. Costas' sports savvy has been utilized and respected in such films as Moneyball (2011), Baseketball (1998), and Coach Carter (2005), as well as hit TV shows such as Studio 42 with Bob Costas, Family Guy, and Monk. Bob Costas has been a Prime-Time host in nine Olympics and is also is a major presence on Play-by-play for the MLB Network. Born in Queens, New York Costas majored in college in communications and Rhetorical Studies from Syracuse University. He has been a broadcaster for minor and major league baseball. Bob has continued announcing for the NBA, NFL and the NHL.

Bob Costas: Plastic Surgery

Famous announcer Bob Costas 61 years old shocked with a presumed use of Botox and ended taking 6 days off to recover from the procedure. It was presumed that Bob used Botox on his forehead to get rid of ageing lines. Bob Costas and NBC have denied all allegations and stated that there is "zero truth to the story". Botox has been known to have complication and induce red-eyes and blurriness. Bob has been seen with these symptoms recently which would have made reading from the teleprompter very difficult. New York plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark Warfel, stated "that only if the Botox procedure was done improperly would the symptoms that Bob Costas is suffering from be present". It appears that the symptoms started to get worse after meeting with President Obama during the opening ceremonies. At the present time it is inconclusive if his current infection is due to Botox. As it stands though, it seems that he has used Botox in the past on his face to get rid of wrinkles. Costas denied the botched Botox job and instead blamed his eye troubles on the condition known as pink-eye.

Did Botched Botox Take A Bleary-Eyed Bob Costas Off The Olympic Air?

Page Six has reported that the pink eye reporter Bob Costas suffered from during the recent Olympic Games was the result of Botox injections gone wrong. NBC’s prime time Olympics host, 61-year old Bob Costas shocked fans by appearing on air wearing glasses. He then revealed that he had contracted viral conjunctivitis in both eyes, commonly known as pink eye. The infection eventually got so bad that Bob ended up taking a 6-day leave of absence from...

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