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Joan Collins: Face Lift, Nose Job, Brow Lift, Eyelid Surgery, Botox, Fillers
Joan Collins is an English actress and author most famous to audiences for her role as the acid-tongued villainess Alexis Carrington Colby on the hit eighties American soap opera Dynasty (1981-89). Collins would go on to be nominated and win several Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Awards for her iconic role. Collins first got her television start by appearing on several American television shows in the seventies such as Star Trek and Batman. Collins more recently co-starred in the comedic television film These Old Broads (2001) alongside fellow silver-age actresses Elizabeth Taylor, Debbie Reynolds and Shirley MacLaine. Collins appeared on a limited guest-star run on the American soap opera Guiding Light in the early 2000s. Joan Collins is the older sister to bestselling novelist Jackie Collins.

Jackie Collins: Plastic Surgery

Despite denying any plastic surgery, Jackie Collins has been rumored to have numerous procedures over the years. Most notably, due to a lack of jowling skin around the jawline that is typical of women her age, Collins seems to have undergone at least one facelift. Similarly, the noticeable lack of bags and excessive loose skin around her eyes seems to be indicative of a brow lift and blepharoplasty eyelid surgery. Collins may have also underwent a rhinoplasty nose job early in her career as her nose is straight, slim and symmetrical. Collins may be completing her plastic surgery regimen with consistent doses of Botox and fillers to help fight wrinkles and brow furrowing.

Fellow Star Calls Joan Collins Out On Her Plastic Surgery Lies

Joan Collins has never admitted to plastic surgery, but surely the grand dame of soap opera has had a nip or tuck to retain her youthful beauty. In fact, it is so likely that Joan has been under the knife that Call The Midwife star Judy Parfitt is calling Joan’s bluff. 78-year old British actress Judy Parfitt candidly admits that aging is no picnic, but she also thinks that denying it is happening is “pathetic.” Judy has appeared in numerous films and television shows on both sides of the pond and is currently starring on the BBC drama Call the Midwife. According to Judy, she has met up with Joan at various events over the years and that the Dynasty has clearly had plastic surgery...

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