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Coco, Buttocks Augmentation

Coco, wife of rapper Ice T, is rumored to have had a breast and buttocks augmentation. Her breasts and derriere are abnormally large in comparison to her small 5 foot, 2 inch frame. From the extreme fullness and distinct projection of her derriere, many believe that Coco has had buttock implants (also known as gluteoplasty)instead of fat grafting.

Has Coco Gotten Buttock Augmentation?

The following article is reprinted from Make Me Heal 's Celebrity Plastic Surgery News. The article, along with photos can be found at the following link: Has Coco Gotten Buttock Augmentation?.

Nicole Austin, better known to her fans as "Coco" and wife of rapper of Ice T, has grabbed Make Me Heal's attention with her bountiful behind in some recent graphic snapshots of the former swimsuit model in her self-titled magazine COCO mag. This busty beauty has been in the plastic surgery gossip column before for her rumored breast implants, which like her derriere, are abnormally large in comparison to her small 5 foot, 2 inch frame. It appears that Coco’s shapely buttocks have ballooned through buttock implants.

While the blond bombshell has repeatedly denied having any plastic surgery done, her exaggerated features are surely the result of a plastic surgeon’s knife. Some insiders have joked that much of her purported 135 pound weight must have gone straight to her breasts and buttocks.

A buttock augmentation generally comes with two main choices. The buttocks can be augmented using implants (gluteoplasty) that are typically made of silicone or through the more popular technique of fat grafting; which means adding a patient’s own fat to her rear. Similar to inserting implants, fat grafting involves transferring a substance through small incisions. While artificial implants are falling from favor and fat grafting are becoming the technique of choice for most people, Coco appears to still be a fan of the implants considering the extreme fullness and distinct projection she manages to carry on her small build. For this reason, it appears that her augmented buttocks were achieved with implants.

Make Me Heal consulted Dr. Matlock from the popular "Dr.90210" show about the different techniques possible for interested candidates and the expected healing time. Dr. Matlock is best known for his work in what is called the "Brazillian Butt Lift", a procedure that is not quite as unnatural as Coco's and involves harvesting fat from unwanted areas such as the buttock, stomach, and or thighs and is then injected into the fatty tissue of the buttocks through micro fat injections. The benefits of this particular procedure in comparison to the implants is not only a shapelier buttock, but a more sensuous look. Many patients are curious on how much will remain after the procedure is done and to this Matlock answers "What you have at three months will be there for life. I usually tell patients that 60% will last. We always overfill to compensate for what can be reabsorbed."

Healing time for buttock augmentation is generally two to six weeks. Most people return to work in two, provided a minimal amount of sitting and usage of a special compression garment that helps control swelling. Within six weeks the swelling usually has subsided and normal activity can be completely resumed within 4 weeks.

Along with buttock implants, Coco has been under the knife previously for a breast augmentation. She has just as much added volume in her bust as below in her behind and in comparison to her small waist and height it is understandable why some find her very sexually appealing, including hubby Ice-T. The couple has been married since 2004 and it is quite likely that her "enhancements" have been done in part to please the well known rapper. Either way fans have followed her tail and with one as noticeable as hers, for better or worse, Coco will be around for quite some time.

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