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Julie Chen: Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty), Nose Job, Dental Veneers

Julie Chen is an American newscaster, hostess, producer and wife of CBS CEO Les Moonves. She is most commonly recognized as the hostess of reality TV show Big Brother and a co-host of the morning show The Talk. Julie has revealed that she had eyelid surgery performed and is rumored to be contemplating a nose job.

Julie Chen Reveals Eye-Widening Surgery

Julie Chen made a literally eye-opening, controversial revelation on her morning talk show The Talk when she revealed on-air that she underwent an eyelid-widening surgery as a result of a producer telling her that she looked "too Chinese" and too "bored" to forge ahead in her ambitions to make top news anchor.

Spilling all, Julie explained that she was a 25-year-old newscaster in Dayton, Ohio when a producer gave her his disheartening opinion. Not one to keep her ambitions in check, Julie decided to forge ahead with the blepharoplasty procedure to widen her eyes, and soon after found her career flourishing. While the producer's advise to Julie may have been questionable, it is fortunate that Julie's eye surgery was done in such a subtle, tasteful manner that no one ever suspected a thing.

Julie has also been the subject of other plastic surgery rumors, including a nose job and dental veneers. Julie, however, denies any such surgical procedures, although she admits that she has contemplated getting a nose job to correct what she considers a "meaty nose," a decision she opted against after her grandmother told her she has a "happy nose" according to Chinese tradition. Whatever the reasons and motivations for Julie's plastic surgery, Make Me Heal is glad that Julie has used plastic surgery as a way of fulfulling career ambitions and looking great in the meantime!

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