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Sarah Chalke: Nose Job, Botox, Fillers
Sarah Chalke is a Canadian television actress most famous for being a mid-series replacement for the character of "Becky" on popular ABC sitcom Roseanne. Replacing actress Lecy Goranson, Chalke became famously known as the "second Becky," a running gag on the show. Chalke has subsequently also found fame by appearing on American situation sitcoms such as Scrubs (2001-2010) and How I Met Your Mother (2005-2014). Due to a slimmer, more narrow nose, Chalke has been rumored to have undergone a rhinoplasty nose job. Chalke may have also invested in Botox and filler injections in order to fight wrinkles and jowling.

Did Sarah Chalke Have A Nose Job?

She may no longer be known as the “Second Becky,” but Sarah Chalke looks like she’s changed her appearance with plastic surgery since her days on Roseanne.

36-year old Sarah Chalke is a sitcom veteran, and like may young actresses who have reached maturity on screen, it looks like she may have turned to plastic surgery to stay youthful.

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