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Katie Cassidy: Nose Job, Chin Implants, Facial Fillers

Katie "Katherine" Cassidy is an American TV actress and star of the hit TV show Arrow. She is also well-known for being the daughter of '70s singing heartthrob David Cassidy. After recent press release photos, Katie is rumored to have undergone a nose job, chin implants and facial fillers.

Has Katie Cassidy Gone Under The Knife?

Arrow star Katie Cassidy has a Hollywood pedigree as the daughter of 70s star David Cassidy and Sherry Williams. Fans of the superhero are wondering if her roots in the entertainment industry mean that she is already turning to plastic surgery, as her character on the show looks very different than she did last season.

27-year old Katie Cassidy started her career as an All-American beauty modeling for Ambercrombie & Fitch, a brand well-known for it’s love of strong abs and refusal to accommodate fuller figured customers. Since then, Katie has been singing and acting in order to make her showbiz family proud. With her new-found fame as love interest Laurel Lance on the CW show Arrow, Katie looks like she has finally arrived.

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