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Carrot Top: Steroids, Botox, Browlift

Carrot Top is an American comedian and actor best known for his curly, tomato-red hair and self-deprecating humor. It has been rumored that Carrot Top has undergone Botox, a browlift, laser treatement and chemical peels.

Carrot Top Denies Going Under the Knife

America's most famous redhead denies the use of steroids to achieve a beefy, muscled torso. While it is possible that Carrot Top may have achieved his beefy, muscled physique through diet and gym training, Make Me Heal and others have long suspected that he may have used steroids to become so ripped.

Carrot Top has also been the subject of speculation that he may have had other plastic surgery procedures, including Botox, browlift, laser treatments and chemical peels. While it remains uncertain if Carrot Top did or did not undergo these procedures, Make Me Heal recommends that he continue to use skincare treatment to help the funnyman maintain a youthful, fresh appearance.

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