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Known as Scary Spice, Melanie Brown or Mel B has been speculated to have undergone a breast augmentation two times. Recent photos of Brown show her breasts to appear much larger than before and she has recently agreed to model lingerie.

Melanie Brown, Breast Augmentation

Do the Spice Girls Have Matching Breast Implants?

The following article is reprinted from Make Me Heal 's Celebrity Plastic Surgery News. The article, along with photos can be found at the following link: Do the Spice Girls Have Matching Breast Implants?.

A decade after the Spice Girls all-female singing group broke out, the ladies are still in the news. After recently spotting all except Posh at a red carpet event in London, Make Me Heal took note of a question that evaded us all this time: Do all the Spice Girls have breast implants? We examine the evidence, one Spice Girl at a time.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice, is the leader of the Spice Girls with her bolted-on, size D breast implants. The 34-year old diva is also a fan of Botox and we wouldn’t be surprised to hear that she has had other work done as well. She also remains remarkably tanned all year round, which can have an aging effect on the skin, so Make Me Heal suspects she uses laser treatments like Fraxel or Cool Touch to counter the effects of tanning. See Make Me Heal’s story on Victoria Beckham’s plastic surgery.

Melanie Brown

After Victoria, Melanie Brown, or Mel B as she calls herself now, formerly Scary Spice, has had the most obvious breast augmentation. Never lacking in the bust department, even when the Spice Girls first began singing, 33-year old Mel B is now bursting out of tops with her cleavage. In fact, she is so busty that she is going to model lingerie. Make Me Heal suspects that Mel B may have been the first Spice Girl to get breast implants and during their long hiatus may have had gotten a second breast augmentation to get them to their current larger-than-life stature.

Geri Halliwell

Geri Halliwell, aka Ginger Spice, is also quite busty, although her breasts don’t appear quite as obviously “done” as Victoria’s or Mel’s. In the early days, Geri appeared to be a moderate B or C-cup, but since then seems to have had a surgical enhancement to bring them closer to her singing partners’ D cup size. After 35-year old Geri gave birth a couple years ago, she was frequently seen working out to get her pre-baby body back and Make Me Heal suspects that a breast augmentation was part of her mommy makeover. She also looks very refreshed for a mother of a toddler, so Make Me Heal suspects that Geri may be using Botox injections and laser skin treatments as well to achieve a youthful complexion and get rid of some of the wrinkles and frown-lines that motherhood brings on.

Emma Bunton

It is difficult to tell whether or not blonde Baby Spice, Emma Bunton has had a breast augmentation or not. The 32-year old fluctuates between showing her cleavage and wearing form fitting clothes and not. If she has had breast implants, they are a much more natural size than her other singing partners’ breasts as her breasts appear to be a small C size: plenty of cleavage, without pouring out. Unless she happens to be performing on stage, when her breasts come out in full force. As a result, Emma may have gotten a small pair of breast implants to keep her breasts perky, yet natural-looking.

Melanie Chisholm

Melanie Chisholm, aka Mel C or Sporty Spice seems to be the only Spice Girl with definitively natural breasts. The 34-year old has maintained her signature sporty look by keeping her breasts natural and easy to contain in athletic gear. Her B-cup breasts appear small compared to her augmented companions and in her signature masculine and conservative attire.

In review, it appears that we have three definite breast implanted Spice girls, one strong maybe, and one all-natural girl. As the Spice Girls age and their breasts sag, those who opted for implants will inevitably have to exchange their breast implants for new ones (an implant’s life is about a decade) and will likely need breast lifts to keep their breasts perky. Make Me Heal looks forward to documenting these and other probable plastic surgery procedures that these divas will be piling on.