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Tamar Braxton: Nose Job, Breast Lift, Botox, Post-Pregnancy Surgery

Tamar Braxton is an American singer, dancer and reality TV personality that is best known for appearing on the popular television show, The Braxton Family Values. She is the younger sister of R&B songstress Toni Braxton and is currently one of the hosts of the talk show The Real. Tamar has admitted to having a nose job. Tamar is also rumored to have had Botox injections, injectable fillers and skin bleaching. She has also admitted to contemplating a post-pregnancy breast lift.

Tamar Braxton Reveals Nose Surgery and Other Plastic Surgery Secrets

In an interview with Ebony Magazine, Tamar has revealed that she had nose surgery due to medical necessity rather than vanity. According to Tamar, she had no cartilage in her nose and had to have a procedure to pull a piece of cartilage from her ear put into her nose.

Tamar goes onto deny reports that she has had numerous other cosmetic enhancements including Botox injections and injectable fillers. Tamar is especially adamant that she has not had any bleaching treatment done to lighten her skin tone, which many have considered too "light" to be her natural tone. Ms. Braxton instead reveals that she suffers from the skin condition known as Vitiligo; a condition which causes uneven skin tone and which also afflicted King of Pop Michael Jackson. Rather than bleaching, Tamar explains that she tans so that her skin tone achieves a more even look.

While Tamar denies these multiple surgeries, she does not rule out the possibility of a post-pregnancy breast lift should she be displeased with the shape and figure of her breasts. Although it is unlikely that Tamar's breasts will sag all the way to her ankles (a fear she previously stated in prior interviews) Make Me Heal does recommend that Tamar use a breast surgery recovery kit should she decide to undergo the knife.

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