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Benjamin Bratt, Nose Job
Benjamin Bratt is an American actor television and film actor best known for his role in such popular films as Demolition Man (1993), Miss Congeniality (2000) (appearing alongside Sandra Bullock) and La Mission (2009). Bratt is also popular to television audiences for his roles on popular shows such as Law & Order and Private Practice. Bratt dated Julia Roberts from 1997-2001 and married to actress Talisa Soto from 2002 to the present day. Bratt is rumored to have had a nose job due to the fact that his new nose is less wide, with a smaller tip.

Did Benjamin Bratt Get A Nose Job

Benjamin Bratt: Nose Job

Private Practice actor Benjamin Bratt plays a doctor on television and it could be that he has some plastic surgery in his past.

49-year old Benjamin Bratt frequently plays a love interest, thanks to his dark good looks and tall frame. But fans have spotted that Benjamin looks a little different than he used to, which could be the result of a minor nose surgery.

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