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Lorraine Bracco: Face Lift, Eyelid Surgery, Botox, Fillers

Lorraine Bracco is an Italian-American actress best known for playing the role of Dr. Melfi on mob-themed HBO show The Sopranos. Bracco also garnered critical acclaim for her role of Karen Hill in Martin Scorcese's film Goodfellas (1990). Bracco was initially wanted for the lead female role of Carmela Soprano (which later went to Edie Falco) but she fought for and won the role of psychiatrist Dr. Melfi instead. Bracco subsequently netted three Emmy Award nominations for Best Supporting Actress for her role. Bracco also starred in Riding In Cars With Boys (2001) opposite Drew Barrymore. While Bracco has disavowed plastic surgery in the past, she has recently been suspected of undergoing a face lift and blepharoplasty eyelid surgery due photographic evidence of less jowling and sagging of her skin. Renowned plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia has also speculated that Bracco may have undergone Botox injections and fillers to help fight wrinkles and creases.

Has Lorraine Bracco Gone Under The Knife?

Lorraine Bracco, best known for her role on The Sopranos and films like Goodfellas has openly talked about wanting plastic surgery, but being too afraid. However, it looks like Lorraine may have overcome her figures, with great results.

Since last year, 57-year old Lorraine Bracco has talked about wanting plastic surgery, but had fears of “turning into a Picasso.”

Last year, she even scheduled an appointment with plastic surgeons, but walked out. “I’m really considering doing a lot of plastic surgery – I want to do it so badly,” the actress, said on “The View.” “I go to the doctor but I just can’t do it. I’m afraid of turning into a Picasso – I see that in a lot of women, a lot of girls even. But inside I want to do it.”

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