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Sandra Bernhard is an American comedienne, actress and singer best known to audiences for her role on the hit '90s TV show Roseanne. Bernhard has gained attention over the years for her friendship to pop singer diva Madonna, as well as her stand-up comedy wherein she bitterly critiques Hollywood celebrities and American pop culture. Bernhard has been a regular fixture on late-night comedy talk-shows such as Late Night with David Letterman and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Bernhard, not necessarily known for her good looks, has nonetheless been the subject of rumors that she may have undergone a face lift to fight sagging and jowling of her skin, as well as Botox and fillers to maintain a smoother, tighter-skinned look.

Has Funny-Woman Sandra Bernhard Had Some Funny Plastic Surgery?

Sandra Bernhard: Face Lift, Botox, Fillers

Sandra Bernhard was never one to be known for her good looks. But recently her face has changed and it looks like she may have gone the way of other female comedians such as Joan Rivers and Kathy Griffin and opted for some funny plastic surgery.

57-year old Sandra Bernhard still looks as unpleasant as ever, thanks to her bulbous nose, but lately she also looks a little smoother and shinier, which could be the results of plastic surgery procedures such as a facelift and maybe Botox or fillers.

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