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Amanda Beard, Breast Implants, Plastic Surgery
Seven-time Olympic medal winner and swimmer Amanda Beard is may possibly have breast implants.

Are Amanda Beard’s Breasts A Plastic Surgery Wonder?

The following article is reprinted from Make Me Heal 's Celebrity Plastic Surgery News. The article, along with photos can be found at the following link: Are Amanda Beard’s Breasts A Plastic Surgery Wonder?.

The eight-page nude pictorial of seven-time Olympic medal winner Amanda Beard in Playboy’s current July issue has got some aroused fans asking Make Me Heal if the swimming champion’s breasts are real or the result of plastic surgery.

A look at swimmer Amanda Beard’s body reveals a naturally toned and muscular woman who clearly works out regularly to achieve her much-to-be-admired body proportions. While one may think that breast implants would add unnecessary weight to an athlete and slow them down, it cannot be immediately ruled out that female athletes such Amanda Beard would not get breast implants. While no examples of female athletes with breast implants come to mind at press time, we are happy to report that Amanda Beard’s breasts are 100% real and are in proportion to her body. There are no tell tale signs of implants, such as unnatural projection or roundness on top that are typical of breast augmentations. While the 25-year old swimmer has a great body, it seems that a good amount of makeup and some airbrushing was involved in her pictorial as Amanda looks dramatically different without makeup when in the water.

Amanda Beard is no stranger to provocative photo spreads, having already appeared in revealing – but not nude – pictorials in Maxim, FHM, and Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition. Beard also has the distinction of being the Most Downloaded Female Athlete in 2004.

Amanda Beard’s Playboy pictures and other graphic photo shenanigans has the professional swimming world in uproar, as critics say that this is tarnishing the wholesome all-American girl image of female athletes and is leading to fans losing respect for athletes. Being that athletes are often looked upon as role models, Amanda posing nude in Playboy on the one hand and then giving pep-talks to high school girls about going for your dreams is sending conflicting messages to young fans. Dr. Mary Jo Kane, director of the Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport at the University of Minnesota says “It used to be that female athletes were portrayed as wholesome, All-American girls. Now you get female athletes in GQ, Playboy and the Swimsuit issue. The result of it is coverage that is very damaging—that trivializes and marginalizes women athletes because it does not give them the respect they deserve as competent athletes.”

To Amanda’s defense, it is justifiable for her to try to parlay her swimming achievements into a career beyond sports. As Amanda’s professional swimming years are numbered, it makes sense that she should try to get exposure so that she can potentially model or get into acting. And what better way to get exposure than Playboy.

At least Amanda Beard has stayed wholesome in one regard and is 100% silicone-free…for the time being.