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Roseanne Barr, Breast Reduction, Nose Job
Actress, writer, talk-show host, and comedian Roseanne Barr has gotten a rhinoplasty (nose job) and a breast reduction. Barr got a nose job to correct sleeping problems and a breast reduction for health reasons as well. In addition, the celebrity has also gotten a facelift, cheek implants, surgery on her chin, and liposuction.

Regarding her thoughts on plastic surgery, Barr said, "Now I realize that everyone has to get old and die, but it was still a very bad experience....No one looks better after plastic surgery. Just pink and shiny. At the end of it, you look like an idiot." Much of Barr's surgery was for health reasons. Barr hosted her own talk show, The Roseanne Show which ran for two years before it was canceled in 2000. In the summer of 2003, Barr took on the double roles of hosting a cooking show (called Domestic Goddess) and starring in a reality show (called The Real Roseanne Show) about hosting a cooking show, although food poisoning and an emergency appendectomy brought a premature end to both projects.