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Leslie Ash, Facelift, Lips

Leslie Ash is an English actress best known for her role in the popular British sitcom Men Behaving Badly. Ash is married to former footballer Lee Chapman with whom she has two sons. Ash is rumored to have had an upper lip augmentation due to plumper lips and a possible face lift due to a lack of sagging and jowling typical of women her age.

Did Leslie Ash Have Her Lips Done?

Leslie Ash: Lip Augmentation

Best known for her role on the sitcom Men Behaving Badly, Leslie Ash may have had a moment of bad behavior as well, going under the knife for some unnecessary plastic surgery.

53-year old Leslie Ash looks great for her age, if a little unnatural. It looks like she uses some sort of filler, such as Juvederm to plump her lips. However, it looks like she overdid it a little, giving her a very uneven smile with a very full lower lip.

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