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Jaimie Alexander: Rhinoplasty Nose Job

Jaimie Alexander is an American actress best known for her co-starring role on the ABC Family show Kyle XY, as well as for appearing in the big-screen superhero blockbusters Thor and Thor II: A Dark World. Alexander is currently romantically linked to fellow actor Peter Facinelli with whom she co-starred in the film Loosies. Alexander is rumored to have undergone a possible rhinoplasty nose job due to the pert size and nature of her nose.

Is Jaimie Alexander Hiding Plastic Surgery With Her Haircut?

In Hollywood, plastic surgery is rampant and especially with new-ish actresses looking to standout and make their mark. So was Jaimie Alexander’s new haircut just a coverup for surgery?

29-year old Jaimie Alexander joined other stylish actresses like Jennifer Lawrence and Nicole Richie when she lobbed offer her long locks into a stylish bob earlier this year.

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