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Dianna Agron: Rhinoplasty Nose Jobs

Dianna Agron is an American actress, dancer and singer most famous for her popular recurring roles on Veronica Mars and Glee. Agron has been romantically linked to actor Dave Franco, younger brother to A-List star James Franco. Due to self-admitted clumsiness, Agron has admitted to having at least two rhinoplasty nose job procedures done to help reduce the appearance of a swollen, rounded nose.

How Many Times Has Dianna Agron's Nose Gone Under The Knife?

It seems that for some actresses, a nose job is a medical necessity, not just an obstacle on the road to fame. Apparently Dianna Agron is one of those actresses who has had nose jobs as a result of breaking her nose multiple times.

27-year old Glee actress Dianna Agron has admitted to having nose surgery not once, but twice. Apparently Dianna’s nose tends to get broken easily, resulting in a need for plastic surgery.

The first time the singer/actress broke her nose was at a high school party, and the second incident occurred while she was on a tour promoting Glee.

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