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Nina Agdal: Breast Implants, Nose Job

Nina Agdal is a Danish Sports Illustrated supermodel who recently made waves by appearing in a sexy Superbowl 2013 ad for Carl's Jr. In a recent interview, Agdal is on the record as stating that she approves of plastic surgery and would consider cosmetic procedures for herself. Agdal has been rumored to have had small breast implants and a nose job due to recent up-close photographs of the model's cleavage and face.

Has Nina Agdal Had A Boob Job And Nose Job?

Model Nina Agdal is only 21, but she already has a pretty impressive resume as a Sports Illustrated model, a Victoria’s Secret model and even appearing in a Carl’s Jr. burger ad. Then there’s her love life, which included dating pop rock star Adam Levine and is now with The Wanted’s Max George. Whether at work or play, Nina can frequently be found rockin’ a barely there bikini with her rocker lover and some have wondered if Nina’s stunning body comes courtesy of plastic surgery.

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